Precision Engineered Spectacles

  • We offer every brand of lenses, which gives you so much choice from budget lenses to the best brands.
  • Either way they are all manufactured using a start of the art laboratory that uses the precision technology to create your prescription lenses.
  • The  staff  in the labs are highly trained, the production process is quality controlled throughout and then our Optometrists double check the finished lenses before they are delivered to you.
  • We use the regulating bodies lens tolerances on accuracy to determine to pass the lenses as perfect.

The finished product 

  • We deliver the spectacles to you our Optometrist will individually fit them to your specifications.
  • If affordability is a concern some spectacles are free of by virtue of the NHS optical vouchers. We also have a wide range of fashion and functional and high quality frames to suit your needs. All our frames are covered by a manufacturing guarantee.
  • We check the spectacles fit you properly, are comfortable to wear and that you can see to your full potential through them.

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