How an Eye Test at Home Works

  • Call our friendly and professional team to book your home eye test. You can email us your enquiry too.We will book your appointment.
  • We will arrange the date and time of the appointment at a convenient time for you.
  • Your eye examination will be carried out by a specialist home visiting Optometrist in the comfort of your home.
  • We pride ourselves on the work we do so there is no rush – we will take our time for your eye examination. We will explain your results and do so in a way that is non-technical and so easy to understand.
  • You are welcome to have your friend(s) and or family with you during your home eye test.
  • We will bring a wide selection of frames that are not expensive. We believe patients want value for money glasses that will help them to see better.
  • We do not bring sales assistants out with us and so your Optometrist will give you the most qualified and exact advice about the frames and lenses you need for your prescription.
  • Just as importantly, ultimately you decide what you want and need since our professional Optometrists are clinicians and not sales people.
  • Once you have chosen your glasses our specialist laboratory will manufacture the lenses to exact accuracy.
  • They will go through arigorous quality control process that checks the frames, the lenses and the final packaged spectacles.
  • This ensures that a number of checks occur to ensure that you will receive the correct made to measure glasses.
  • We won’t post your glasses either. Instead our experts will deliver them to you without charge and make sure that your glasses fit you and that you are happy with the vision.
  • We will always be your On Call Opticians in between your home eye tests in case you have any problems with your eyes. We will contact you when you next need your eye test at home.
  • Our glasses will come with a 12 months guarantee against any manufacturing faults.We have a transparent, honest and duty of care ethos to our patients whom we aim to serve with compassion.

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