Value for money of Glasses delivered

Value for money of Glasses delivered and fit at your home followed by ongoing aftercare services

The experienced team of On Call Opticians will help the customers in finding the right suitable eyewear. The Home eye test visits are not done by any sales assistants of any sort. Instead, our company has the well qualified Optometrist Mr Nirinder S Hunjan who will visit your home for the eye test and assess your eye health conditions. He would also choose the right spectacles for you. Due to this fact, you do not have to worry about choosing the wrong eyewear that may affect you in the long run. The highly qualified Mr Nirinder S Hunjan is always at your service.


The precise measurements will be taken into consideration for the making of the customer’s lenses. We always offer great value for money as the selection of frames and lenses is left to the choice of the customers. This does make On Call Opticians stand out in terms of reliability and versatility. The manufacturers that we choose supply the products directly to us. This ensures that the overhead costs will not be present. All of the customers of home eye test service can benefit from this. This is indeed another advantage of our free NHS services.


The glasses we provide meet the highest quality requirements and are very comfortable to wear. They are also hard-wearing eyewear. The frames provided by ON Call Opticians have excellent durability and quality.


Optimisation of your vision will be ensured due to the fact that the lenses are all glazed. The customer’s vision optimised to the maximum degree possible that provides assurance of a great visual experience.


All the range of glasses provided by On Call Opticians during free NHS home visit are affordable for all the customers. Inspection is always done prior to actually providing the glasses. Our optometrist Mr Nirinder S Hunjan will only leave after ensuring that the customer is fully satisfied with the product.


The frames of On Call Opticians are covered by a manufacturing guarantee. That is, there will always be a money back guarantee. Other issues such as loose screws, dropping down of pads and damage to the specs will be resolved with the Aftercare. The Aftercare will repair and replace the damaged eyewear wherever it is possible. A customer focused highly efficient service is what is aimed by On Call Opticians. Customer satisfaction is what makes us work more to be the best in the business of home eye test services. High quality affordable spectacles along with top class services are guaranteed.



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