Mobile opticians for both nhs and private clients

When it comes to home eye test and free NHS home visit, On Call Opticians is second to none. We provide excellent eye care services to fulfil all the needs of our customers. Our lead Optometrist is Mr Nirinder S Hunjan who provides services that exceed the expectation of all the customers. He has attained 3 degrees (BSc BMedSc MMedSc MCOptom) and is an exceptional eye care expert who specialises in home visits.

He is proud to have the time for being able to see his people and thus opened an optometry service. An equally talented team of people were arranged for On Call Opticians. All the people who cannot attend optometric practices for themselves do not have to fret as On Call Opticians provide the ideal eye test and NHS home visits. Our company will make you feel like an individual again.
Mr Nirinder S Hunjan is known to make all his patients, as well as customers, feel relaxed and welcome.

The NHS home visits are absolutely free as they are funded by the NHS.

The spectacles will also be provided free of cost if the customer receives certain benefits and in case you have to pay, we will ensure that you save as much money possible. The glasses even come with money back guarantee if in case you are not satisfied with your product, a key feature of our home eye test and NHS home visit. The customers have a wide variety of spectacles to choose from and will not be restrained to just a few types. Your desired eyewear will be provided by us.

As your eyes are our concern too, we offer after care services in between your eye tests. We provide great results to all our customers in the eye care management. You can call us, text us or even email us and we will respond immediately. The visiting will take place at your own convenience. We visit according to your timings. All the records of the customers will be maintained by our company, therefore, you do not have to worry about the paper works. NHS home visits will not be provided by other companies as the way On Call Operations provides.

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