Home  eye test an nhs service

Looking for the perfect home eye test and free NHS service? On Call Opticians is the right choice. An Amazing optical experience is offered by On Call Optician if you have mobility problems or just any other issues that prevent you from getting your eye examined by your nearest optician. On Call Opticians cover a wide area for their services and your comfort is not affected in anyway possible. This home eye test is conducted by our NHS licensed optometrist Mr Nirinder S Hunjan.

Optometrist Mr Nirinder S Hunjan will be using the same type of optical instruments that you would see in a practice. A visual assessment that is tailored to your needs will be provided by On Call Opticians. In case you require an eyewear after the assessment is done, we provide a variety of eyewear to choose from. These products will be delivered to your house. This makes it one of the best home eye test NHS Service. A full aftercare guarantee will be provided and the customers will also receive the mobile number of their optometrist in case of any urgency

The home eye test NHS service is free of cost service as it is funded by the NHS. Some of the spectacles that we provide are also free of cost for patients who have income support or pension credit. Just in case a person is not entitled to free service, they can always arrange a private appointment with On Call Opticians and we would try our best to reduce the costs on your eyewear. Call back feature for an appointment within 24 hours is assured to all our customers. Also, On Call opticians provide expertise in dealing with quick eye care processes.

The main motive is to provide better services apart from basic home eye test NHS services that
other companies cannot provide. Further value and choice will be given to all the customers.

The strictest customer care values are what On Call Opticians aim at. We do not compromise on the quality of our services. Apart from offering services in places such as Dudley, Sandwell, Shirley etc, the services are also offered in small towns and villages in West Midlands.

On Call Opticians always want the customers to think that they are their local home eye test opticians. That said, the home eye test NHS service would be just a call away.

Call us on Optometrist 01384 234 779 or click ‘Make an Appointment’ to discuss your requirements

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