Our aim is to provide the highest quality of eye care and the most value for money glasses,in a friendly, professional and caring manner.

We give all our patients a thorough eye examination using high tech testing equipment, a spectacle delivery service and a guaranteed aftercare service. There is no charge for home visits because the NHS funds it for patients who cannot attend the opticians by themselves. These details are also illustrated on our home page.

If you are not eligible for a free home visit this can be arranged privately too. Some spectacles are also available at no cost if you receive benefits such as income support or pension credit guaranteed credit. At On Call Opticians we also aim to save you money if you have to pay for your glasses.

Case Study: My Eye Sight Is Getting Worse and I need a Local NHS Home Eye Test

One of our memorable patients was Mrs K – she was 78 years old had difficulty walking because of her osteoarthritis and had progressively worsening eye sight. This entitled her to a NHS funded home visit. The testing equipment used was a smaller portable version of the ones used in her high street opticians and so her test was not limited by being conducted at her home.

As specialist home visiting opticians, we were able to make an appointment 2 days later. We have to inform the NHS for a home visit which is why they ask Opticians to give at least 48 hours notice to them. Mrs K was delighted we could come and see her so soon.

Having completed the test, we explained that it was her cataracts that were the cause of her worsening vision and that these had changed her prescription. We would monitor these for her, educated her about cataracts and would refer Mrs K to see the specialist when the cataracts were ready to be operated on.

She was so happy because no one had spent as much time making her feel at ease and no longer worried about thinking her eye sight was failing. Mrs K found our “expert guides to the health of your eyes” very informative.Mrs K’s daughter was there too. We had fun choosing from a wide selection of good quality frames. She bought a distance and reading pair of glasses for only £49. Not only did we deliver the glasses, we made sure they fitted properly and told Mrs K that we were only a phone call away if she needed any aftercare.

That day represented the reason why people value our clinical focus and patient care philosophy. We put high standards into practice and have time to talk to people like Mrs K who often spend days not having any visitors.

By offering a tailored, more personal service, each client is made to feel special – something that can be lost in todays’ businesses.

Here are some extracts from the many happy patients we have served.

I received a great eye test, saved money on my spectacles and felt I had chosen a brilliant Optician, I have referred him to my friends.

– Mrs G, Hall Green

We have worked with Nirinder for many years, our patients always ask for him – they trust and like him. He is very good at making patients feel welcome, relaxed and communicating with them.
– Mrs B, Birmingham

We have worked with Nirinder for many years, our patients always ask for him – they trust and like him. He is very good at making patients feel welcome, relaxed and communicating with them.
– Mrs B, Birmingham

My stroke, arthritis and diabetes prevent me from walking. My daughter referred me to On Call Opticians – I received a thorough eye test, was told about my eyes in a way that was easy to understand and my spectacles were brilliant.
– Mrs K, West Bromwich

On Call Opticians have been working for us for over four years. They are very knowledgeable and professional. Their communication skills are excellent and are always sympathetic to our patients’ needs. The Optometrists always take time to ensure that our patients are delighted with their eye examination and fully understand the results. Nirinder has become very popular with our patients and is often requested. I would not hesitate in recommending him.
– Miss S, Druids Heath

I am delighted with my Optometrist, Nirinder. He is very knowledgeable and explains everything well and I know he is at hand if I need him – I have already passed his name on to other people.
– Mr R, Great Barr